Cygnulz is Texas premier Rush Tribute act and is devoted to performing the music of Rush at the highest level. The band rose from the ashes of several Rush tributes in Austin over the course of 8 years, going through names such as Signals, Vanispheres, Spindrift, Blame Canada and finally Cygnulz which is a name that combines the song Cygnus X-1 and the album Signals. 

The current and arguable the most effective lineup consists of Sean Behrens-Guitars, Vocals, Pedal Synth, Robert Weathers-Drums and Percussion, and Gregg Langston-Bass, Keys and Backing Vocals. All three members are veteran Rush tribute players and as a function of that are very capable musicians. They play regularly around Austin and San Antonio and are currently working on a statewide and national presence. Check out some of the bands videos!